Sing A Song

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Recently during a usual family weekday night, we were having baked beans with dinner and I was struck by a song from my childhood that I had not thought of in a long time.  I sang it to my kids and now I gift it to you, WordPress people ~ enjoy!  May you sing it repeatedly in your head alllllllll dayyyyy looooooonnnnnggggg.

Beans, Beans
Are good for your heart
the more you eat
the more you fart.
The more you fart
the better you feel
so eat your beans
at every meal!

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39 Ways to Annoy Your Coworkers – On Careers (

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39 Ways to Annoy Your Coworkers – On Careers (

I think I can assign people in my office to each once of these offenses ….  and sadly, I am #10…..  #!*$&@!!

Rant: Committee Slackers

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The Meeting (The Office)

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For you “professionals” eager to join a committee at work just to have extra verbiage for your goals…  Yes – you actually need to SHOW-UP to meetings and Yes – you actually have to PARTICIPATE.  Participation = VOLUNTEERING to do stuff and actually doing it, not delegating it to your admin!  You’re not as smart as you think you are and you aren’t making any friends with this behavior.  People notice and remember and attribute it to your work ethics.  Perhaps you like to be known as a slacker?  Perhaps maybe not when that reaches leadership because believe me, it does.

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Flip-flops & A Dunce Hat

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The flip-flop sandal, worn both by men and women

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I work at an international firm and our local office dress code is business casual.  Mind you, I manage this office of about 100 people and work for the big guy in charge.  However, he is a little too laid back and relaxed and really doesn’t give a sh*t about trivial office culture and politics.  Usually, I don’t either but there is something to be said about those that push the limits of dress code.  I usually keep my mouth shut about most clothing choices, but when you arrive to a professional firm with flip-flops, it makes me want to put a dunce hat on you and sit you in the corner.  Seriously?  There’s no way this one is sliding.  Whats next?  Bath robes and curlers?  Why do people push like this?  It’s both highly inappropriate and offensive and puts me in an awkward position, but you know what?  Yes, you’re getting a warning and if you do it again the warning goes further than you and I.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Lily White

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365.200 it's raining

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I actually had the option to wear jeans to work today but instead chose a skirt.  Odd.  Guess its like men who like their boxers – freedom of movement.  Although my legs are lily white, just like the rest of my awesome paleness, I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t give a d*mn what people think (meaning my lack of sun bathing).  With that being said I’m sure that you received some offending mental picture of a pale overweight fugly woman but thats not the case here, thank you.  Just saying – pale is not so bad when the result is zero skin cancer and no leathery looking hot mess for skin……  actually….  I’m not found of sweating it out in the Florida sun either so…. I think I might have a dash of vampire in my genetics somewhere.

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Rant: Are you a “Friend”?

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Friends who spend time with friends only when THEY need a friend end up loosing friends.

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I don’t believe I mentioned yet that we (my immediate family = husband, 2 teenagers, boy & girl & my mother) have recently bought a mucho bigger home to accommodate the holy grail called “teenage privacy” as well as giving my mother a room and space of her own.

There are many “aha” moments of not only buying your first home but also having your mother live with you…. the latter being a lengthy topic that my fingers aren’t ready to begin typing this morning; but we’ll get there at some point.  Anywho, one of the “aha” moments is the realization of just how effing happy I am to go home everyday to my own house.  It’s not just pride of ownership, its something deeper – like finding where we belong, where we should be.

On a different note, another “aha” moment happened this past weekend.  My handyman husband, who is usually a very methodical and studious fixer-upper had the biggest brain fart thus far in our marriage.  You see, my tub had a small leak in the hot water knob and he decided to tinker with it without turning the water off.  Lo and behold, we had a monstrous geyser of hot water shooting up to the ceiling in my master bath for about 3 full minutes until I suggested we cut the hot water off at the tank.  Thus far the only damage has been his pride, but wow – what a conversation piece!  He’s never gonna live it down!

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