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Flip-flops & A Dunce Hat

September 12, 2010 2 comments

The flip-flop sandal, worn both by men and women

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I work at an international firm and our local office dress code is business casual.  Mind you, I manage this office of about 100 people and work for the big guy in charge.  However, he is a little too laid back and relaxed and really doesn’t give a sh*t about trivial office culture and politics.  Usually, I don’t either but there is something to be said about those that push the limits of dress code.  I usually keep my mouth shut about most clothing choices, but when you arrive to a professional firm with flip-flops, it makes me want to put a dunce hat on you and sit you in the corner.  Seriously?  There’s no way this one is sliding.  Whats next?  Bath robes and curlers?  Why do people push like this?  It’s both highly inappropriate and offensive and puts me in an awkward position, but you know what?  Yes, you’re getting a warning and if you do it again the warning goes further than you and I.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.