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September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I don’t believe I mentioned yet that we (my immediate family = husband, 2 teenagers, boy & girl & my mother) have recently bought a mucho bigger home to accommodate the holy grail called “teenage privacy” as well as giving my mother a room and space of her own.

There are many “aha” moments of not only buying your first home but also having your mother live with you…. the latter being a lengthy topic that my fingers aren’t ready to begin typing this morning; but we’ll get there at some point.  Anywho, one of the “aha” moments is the realization of just how effing happy I am to go home everyday to my own house.  It’s not just pride of ownership, its something deeper – like finding where we belong, where we should be.

On a different note, another “aha” moment happened this past weekend.  My handyman husband, who is usually a very methodical and studious fixer-upper had the biggest brain fart thus far in our marriage.  You see, my tub had a small leak in the hot water knob and he decided to tinker with it without turning the water off.  Lo and behold, we had a monstrous geyser of hot water shooting up to the ceiling in my master bath for about 3 full minutes until I suggested we cut the hot water off at the tank.  Thus far the only damage has been his pride, but wow – what a conversation piece!  He’s never gonna live it down!

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