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Home Battles of the Teenage Kind

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

scream and shout

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If you felt the earth tremble on its axis Tuesday night, don’t panic.  My 13-year old daughter was having the biggest tantrum of her existence.  I think perhaps her head might have done “the exorcist 360” when she was telling me what a bad mother I was and how I live to ruin her life.  The catalyst you ask?  I dared to take her laptop for ONE NIGHT because she continues to burp out loud like an obnoxious frat boy.  

We went through a similar, less extreme meltdown not too long ago but she worked me over so good I walked away feeling guilty and depressed with my parenting skills.  After much reflection, I decided I was soaking in too much of her teenage angst and negativity.  I was determined to hold firm on the next round and assume the Teflon Don persona.  It ain’t stickin!  The hard part: being sensitive and understanding to the world of teenage drama, while still being strong on rules and consequences.  When I managed to do this on Tuesday, I discovered the process in which the whole thing came about:  a trigger, a meltdown (emotional dump of every frustration under the sun), a testing of boundaries and rules, a release (the “come to Jesus” moment when the walls come crumbling down and the real tears flow) and then at last, a recognition (apology) and reconcile.  

I seriously felt like I earned some sort of medal for courage under fire, but the real test is sticking to it and following through on the next one; yes – it will happen again, I have no doubt.  If you are a proud parent of the teenage-kind, I hope my experience and said thoughts might provide a small bit of insight… and that oh yes, we parents can navigate the vast fickle and turbulent ocean of teenage hormones!    

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September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I don’t believe I mentioned yet that we (my immediate family = husband, 2 teenagers, boy & girl & my mother) have recently bought a mucho bigger home to accommodate the holy grail called “teenage privacy” as well as giving my mother a room and space of her own.

There are many “aha” moments of not only buying your first home but also having your mother live with you…. the latter being a lengthy topic that my fingers aren’t ready to begin typing this morning; but we’ll get there at some point.  Anywho, one of the “aha” moments is the realization of just how effing happy I am to go home everyday to my own house.  It’s not just pride of ownership, its something deeper – like finding where we belong, where we should be.

On a different note, another “aha” moment happened this past weekend.  My handyman husband, who is usually a very methodical and studious fixer-upper had the biggest brain fart thus far in our marriage.  You see, my tub had a small leak in the hot water knob and he decided to tinker with it without turning the water off.  Lo and behold, we had a monstrous geyser of hot water shooting up to the ceiling in my master bath for about 3 full minutes until I suggested we cut the hot water off at the tank.  Thus far the only damage has been his pride, but wow – what a conversation piece!  He’s never gonna live it down!

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Teen Spirit

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

So this morning I started pointing out road signs to my 16 year old son who is aspiring to get his drivers permit.  (Not an easy thing to mentally reconcile.)  I immediately flashed back to the numerous stupid things I did as a teenager… uh – yikes.  And the times I’ve wrecked my car (3 times…  at least one of the those was not my fault!)  And the time my highschool friends and I played chicken with a semi in a parking lot….  And the time I took a 50 mph ride in a P.O.S. (piece of sh*t) no-shocks 5 speed around a curving, brick lake road…..  Ahhhh those were the days.

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